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Toscolano Maderno and the eleven gems

Toscolano Maderno is located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda and is about 40 km from Milan. Consisting of twelve hamlets; Maderno, Toscolano, Bornico, Cecina, Folino, Gaino, Maclino, Pulciano, Roina, Sanico, Vigole and Stina.

Toscolano and Maderno were initially two separate communities, but later, in 1928, they were united under a single administration that extends as far as to include the Regional Park of the Alto Garda Bresciano that also includes Mount Pizzoccolo.

The municipality of Toscolano Maderno

From the port of Toscolano you can see what remains of one of the many lemon groves from the beginning of the century that dominates the territory of Toscolano Maderno and represented a major source of local income. 

Citrus crops, especially lemons, were exported throughout Europe. The cultivation was apparently introduced by Franciscan monks in the thirteenth century and abandoned in the early twentieth century because it was no longer competitive.

One of the most picturesque corners of Lake Garda, is entitled to the port of Toscolano. Between the fifteenth and eighteenth century it has been a center for sorting paper and iron, from where the boats came and went to Venice. Here the noblest families resided and the magnificent palaces still remain like the Palazzo Delai, on the left of the square, dating from the seventeenth century with external frescoes. The villa is lined with numerous lemon houses that are still visible from the pier and features a beautiful garden at the lake.

The specific location of this town, in the north of the lake and close to the mountains, allows its visitors the opportunity to practice different sports such as sailing, various types of surfing and hiking along the nearby trekking paths.

Facts and figures on Toscolano Maderno

The municipality of Toscolano Maderno, with a surface of 58 km, houses more than 8.000 inhabitants. 
Consisting of twelve hamlets; Maderno, Toscolano, Bornico, Cecina, Folino, Gaino, Maclino, Pulciano, Roina, Sanico, Vigole and Stina.

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The panorama of Toscolano Maderno is breathtaking and thanks to the geographical location which turns this town into a great area for those who love nature and looking for a place to feel at home.

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